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About Gaming Commission Department

The Gaming Commission Department was established by Tribal Ordinance in 1994, and amended in 2005 and is currently under Title 22 as a Gaming Regulatory Body for the Community. The Gaming Commission is governed by a Five member Board of Commissioners who oversee the Executive Director and support staff. The primary function of the Gaming Commission is to act as Gaming Regulators over all Class II gaming activities under the Gila River Gaming Enterprise operations. The duties and responsibilities of the Gaming Commission include the following:

  • 1) To License all persons involved with Gaming and vendors selling goods and services to the Gaming Enterprise;
  • 2) To Provide Inspection services to promote compliance to the Community’s Gaming Ordinance, Tribal-State Gaming Compact and all laws that is related to Gaming activities on Indian Land;
  • 3) To Investigate all violations and to enforce compliance, including suspension and revocation of gaming licenses;
  • 4) To insure that all persons remain suitable while holding an active license;
  • 5) To insure that all Gaming Machines, Card Games, and Table Games are offered without affect on the integrity of the software or hardware or play of cards;
  • 6) Insure that unsuitable persons are kept out of our gaming activities;
  • 7) To provide for fair appeals before the Commission Body and Tribal Courts when required;
  • 8) To Represent the Community with Stat, and Federal agencies in matters relating to Community [governmental] gaming;
  • 9) To Protect the sovereignty of the Community by safeguarding the integrity of gaming by promoting-supporting compliance with gaming laws and effective gaming regulations; and
  • 10) To carry out all regulatory directives of the Community and its Committees;

The Gaming Commission in 2012 has 150 staff persons who act as Gaming Inspectors, Surveillance Agents, Gaming Investigators, Clerical and Licensing staff persons. Key areas of management are: a) Inspections; b) Investigations; c) Financial Compliance; d) Management Information Systems; e) Gaming Machine Compliance; f) Training; g) Surveillance;

Main Department Phone Number: (520) 796-4452
Fax Number: (520) 796-2206
5350 North 48th Street Suite 120, Chandler, Az 85226

Office of Treasurer - Gaming Internal Audit

The Community Council passed GR58-09, stating the mission of the Gaming Internal Audit Department is to assist management and other appropriate parties to effectively discharge their duties by providing objective and independent audits and consulting services that will help protect the Gila River Gaming Enterprise’s (GRGE) assets, ensure the GRGE complies with all applicable Tribal, State and Federal regulations, and examine the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control systems of the gaming operations.

Main Department Phone Number: (520) 796-2218
Fax Number: (520) 796-2213
Mailing Address: 5350 North 48th Street Suite 220, Chandler, Az 85226
Physical Address: 5350 North 48th Street Suite 220, Chandler, Az 85226

About Gila River Indian Irrigation and Drainage District

The Gila River Indian Irrigation and Drainage District (GRIIDD) is responsible for operating and maintaining the irrigation delivery system that will deliver water for agriculture to lands in Districts 1 through 7. The GRIIDD also works with Community members to develop land and on-farm irrigation systems for use of the water provided as part of the Arizona Water Settlements Act. GRIIDD personnel are available for agricultural education and garden projects.

Main Department Phone Number: 520.562.6782
Fax Number 520.562.2840
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2202, Sacaton, Arizona 85147
Physical Address: 192 S. A Street, Sacaton, Arizona 85147

Per Capita Contact


Post Office Box 338
Phone: (520) 562-5222
Sacaton, Arizona 85147
Toll Free: 1-(866)-416-2618
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: (520) 562-9689

Per Capita Office is located in the finance wing of the Governance Center in Sacaton, Arizona

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