Tribal Social Services

Traditional Counselor

Their role is to promote, educate, inform and preserve Akimel O’Otham Himdag and PeePosh Kavey (ways of life).  Referrals can be obtained through TSS programs or on a walk-in basis.

About Adult Protective Services

APS exists to assess reported incidents of abuse, neglect or exploitation of incapacitated or vulnerable adults.  The APS Case Manager will work with the individual and/or family to offer available and appropriate services.  In the event an adult becomes a Ward of the Court, the Case Manager will ensure their safety and well-being.

About Indian Child Welfare Act

ICWA Case Managers closely monitor and provide services to children and families from GRIC who may become involved in State dependency situations.  GRIC is viewed as a third parent.  ICWA Case Managers work closely with family members, GRIC attorneys Federal, State and other tribal officials from various locations across the United States.

About Case Management Services

Cases are transferred to case management from CPS.  They typically have a Case Plan of Reunification in which the worker monitors the progress the parents are making in complying and completing their court ordered services as well as checking on the child(ren) to ensure their continued safety.  If the parents do not successfully complete their court ordered services within usually one year’s time, the Case Plan may change to Permanency, the Case Manager will focus on identifying a safe and stable placement for the child.  Guardianship with relatives is often the first choice.

Main Department Phone Number: 520-562-3396
Fax Number: 520-562-3633

About Support Staff Services

Support staff provides a wide range of support services to the Tribal Social Service (TSS) department. Each program under TSS has an assigned support staff to provide the daily clerical needs as well as the routing and routing and formatting of correspondence. They also provide Burial and Funeral Assistance to Community members as needed. Support staff also assists with the General Assistance program.

Main Department Phone Number: 520-562-3396
Fax Number: 520-562-3633

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