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The Gila River Fire Department is a modern and progressive all hazards emergency response agency. We are young in our respect to our years of operation, but seasoned by the expertise, advanced training and a wide range of incident exposure, all this equates to experience. The department began its full-time professional development in 1994, hiring a Fire Chief and Firefighters from within the volunteers and from other established departments. While responding to calls and mitigating tragic and dynamic incidents is our responsibility, fire prevention and life safety education is our duty. Taking every opportunity to educate people in ways to prevent the devastation caused by fires, injuries and unsafe acts is our mission.

The department offers top quality services with fully trained firefighter who are also emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) or certified Emergency Paramedics (CEP's). in addition to their firefighting skills and knowledge, members of the department are also trained as Specialist in Hazardous Materials, response as Technicians, Toxicology Paramedics, Wildland Firefighters, Vehicle and Big Rig Extrications, Fire and Explosives Investigators, Crime Scene Technicians, Public Education Specialists, Juvenile fire setter Specialists, Instructors, and Child Car Seat Installation Technicians. Each member is continually honing their skills and advancing their knowledge to deliver the best possible service to the Community.