Tribal Health Department

About Health Resource Department

The programs housed in the District 3 facility are Community Health Education, AC/Vet Services, Disease Surveillance, Nutrition and the D3 Administration & Support Staff. The services provided to the community are focused on health promotion and disease prevention. These activities include: desease surveillance & mitigation, nutrition, physical activities, food demonstrations, health booths, door-to-door campaigns, health conferences, home inspections, vector control, spay/neuter services, animal vaccination, car seat safety & installation, elder fall prevention, and education awareness of various chronic diseases, etc.

Please note: Genesis Program is located at 121 S. Blue Bird Road, Building #4.

Rabies Vaccination Clinic

The Animal Control program will be providing vaccination clinics in the Community. For questions, please refer them to the Animal Control and Veterinary Program at 520-562-5177.


About Animal Control

The Animal Control Program is located in District.3 Sacaton at the Health Resource Department building on the corner of Ocotillo Dr. & Seed Farm rd. If you would like to visit the Animal Shelter, please call ahead for operating hours and availability. The Animal Shelter is located on Rabbit Rd. a quarter mile west of Horseshoe Rd.

The Animal Control Program can be contacted at 520-562-5177.

About Veterinary Clinic

The Veterinary Clinic offers spay & neutering service to small domestic animals and currently does not service large livestock animals. The veterinary clinic and animal shelter can be located in District. 5 Casa Blanca west of Rabbit and Horseshoe roads.


Contact Information

433 West Seed Farm Road
PO Box 147
Sacaton, Az. 85147


Javier O. Leon, R.S., Environmental Health Specialist II
Ralph L. Jones Jr. R.S. Environmental Health Specialist II

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