Department of Community Housing

DCH Contact


Department of Community Housing
136 S. Main Street
P.O. Box 528
Sacaton, Arizona 85147
Main Office
Phone: (520) 562-3904
Fax: (520) 5623927
Sacate Office
Phone: (520) 769-4550
Fax: (520) 796-4551
Westend Office
119 Tashquinth Drive
Laveen, AZ 85339
Phone: (520) 796-4555
Fax: (520) 796-4556
Sacate - (520) 796-4550
For Emergency Work Orders
After 5:00PM Monday -Friday, weekends, and holidays
Please Call: (520) 610-1300

DCH Staff

Housing Services Staff
Housing - Staff
Main Office

Lori Francisco - Director

Eva Hernandez - Housing Services Manager

Sylvia Flores - Housing Specialist

April Olivar - Housing Specialist

Rhoda Adams - Housing Specialist

Saralyn Riley - Housing Specialist

Doreen Allison - Housing Specialist

Virgina Flores - Housing Counselor

Westend Office

James Cutter - Housing Services Supervisor

Delores Enos - Housing Specialist

About Department of Community Housing

The GRIC Department of Community Housing (DCH) is responsible for administering a public housing program geared towards low income participants. DCH is responsible for operating and maintaining 706 rental units. There are 34 homeownership units maintained by the homeowners that are scattered throughout GRIC which remain under DCH management until such time that they are conveyed.

DCH gas sub-divisions located in Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

We are dedicated to serving all eligible applicants in the Community with a home that nourishes the family values and offers homeownership opportunities to those families that might be interested in seeking self-sufficiency.

DCH consists of the following programs, Planning & Administration; Housing Services; Maintenances & Operations; Drug Elimination / Crime Prevention & Safety and Construction & Development who all work together to ensure the Program operates effectively and efficiently.