Employment & Training

About Employment and Training

The Employment and Training Department is funded by

1. Department of Labor(DOL) 166 Grant, which provides for WIA Youth and Adult services;
2. Department of Economic Security 1B Grant, which provides for WIA Youth and Adult services;
3. Native Employment Works (NEW), which provides employment services for TANF recipients referred by the State;
4. Career Pathways Workforce Innovations Grant, provides for the development of a Community system that develops a strong partnership between three specific entities, 1. Employers, 2. Colleges/Universities and 3. WIA;
5. AmeriCorps Planning Grant , which is currently focusing on “Veterans Serving Veterans”; and
6. Tribal Funding which provides assistance to youth and adult programs.

WIA (youth & adult): The goal is to prepare our youth and adults for participation in the labor force by increasing soft skills and occupational skills thereby improving long term employability. We strive to increase employment and the earnings of our participants and to reduce welfare dependency. Tribal Funding assists us in providing this opportunity to those who do not meet WIA eligibility requirements. We will accomplish this by providing the following services:

Work Experience:

is a short term placement at a worksite for the purpose of increasing job skills in the participants career of choice in hopes that the participant will become employed by the worksite. This is funded by WIA and the Tribe.

Summer Youth Program:

is a 7 week employment program for youth ages 14 through 21. Youth will be placed on a worksite that meets their career goals or will become a method to “try out” multiple employment areas.

GRIC Internship Program:

is a program that starts typically in the summer and can be part time through the school year if funding permits. The goal of this program is to enable GRIC College students the opportunity to gain work experience in their area of study in school.

Native Employment Works:

is an employment program for TANF recipients. It features a “work exposure” program that places TANF recipients on worksites to gain work experience with the hopes of obtaining unsubsidized employment.

Career Pathways System:

is developing through a Workforce Innovation Grant that the Employment and Training Department received in 2012 that promotes systemic change. The purpose of the Career Pathways project is to create a seamless employment delivery system relying heavily on 3 key partners, 1. Workforce(WIA), 2.Employers, and 3. Education. The purpose of the system, is to: 1. Streamline services for thejob seeker, 2. Engage Employers in the design of their own programs and in the development of training programs and credentials that meet their specific needs, and 3. Increase the skills of our labor force so that they can become competitive in their own labor market. Through the currently developed 5 Industry Sectors, we are developing strong new partnerships and discovering new ways to work together for the betterment of the Community’s workforce. The 5 Industry Sectors are: 1. Construction, 2. Government, 3. Medical, 4. Small Business, and 5. Hospitality. In essence, we are creating a model for the Community, the first in Indian Country. The grant expires on June 30, 2015.

AmeriCorps Planning Grant:

is a grant to serve Native Community Veterans. We have since submitted a 3 year grant to serve veterans in the following areas, 1, the creation of a centralized Veterans Office that would serve Veterans and their families, 2. the coordination of Community Service Projects utilizing 15 AmeriCorps members based on the needs of the community. Community service projects would be designed to serve Veterans. Veterans would have the opportunity to design and/or serve on projects to develop job skills and stay connected to their Community, 3. Professional development activities would be offered to Veterans with the goal of achieving long term employment in their career choice. Veterans will have the ability to serve as AmeriCorps members. Being an AmeriCorps Member has the benefits of serving for 1700 hours each year. After a service year, there is a $6,500 scholarship award. A member can serve for all 3 years but will only receive the educational scholarship award for 2 years. We will be notified if we received the grant in June 2014. A National, State and FBI check is required on all AmeriCorps Members. Incentives and Supportive Services: We have developed an incentive program for milestones and achievement s and supportive services for those who are having some difficulty in completing their programs due to specific hardships, etc. You must be enrolled in a program before you can receive any of these services.

GOALS: Adult Programs:

  • Prepare adults for participation in the labor force by increasing their occupational skills thereby improving their long term employability;
  • Increase in earnings;
  • Increase job retention.

GOALS: Year Round Youth:

  • Improve long term employability of youth;
  • Enhance the occupational, and citizenship skills of youth;
  • Encourage school completion or enrollment in alternative school programs;
  • Assist youth in addressing barriers that impair their ability to make successful transitions from school to work.

Main Department Phone Number: 520-562-3387/88
Fax Number: 520-562-3590
Mailing Address: PO Box 97
Physical Address: Skill Center Road, Sacaton, AZ 85147