Off Reservation Boarding Schools

About Off Reservation Boarding Schools

The ORBS Program was created in June 1995 to provide a liaison between parent/guardians, student, staff and administration in order to provide the best possible resource environment that will inspire student success. The ORBS office collaborates with nine boarding schools located in Arizona, California, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Submitting an application does not automatically enroll a student into boarding school. It is at the discretion of each school to accept or deny based on content of the application. The boarding school office:

  • Provides assistance to parents and students in procedure of filling an application
  • Hosts annual Boarding School Fair to invite Boarding School representatives to come to GRIC and meet potential students who may be interested in attending boarding schools.
  • Maintains close contact with Boarding School Administrators, teachers, counselors, to ensure that GRIC students have adjusted to boarding school environment and are progressing academically.
  • Serves as an advocate for student/ parent rights and responsibilities.

Phone: (520) 562-3662 
Fax: (520) 562-2924