Early Childhood Special Services

About Early Childhood Special Services

A Community program for familes with children birth to 5 who may have disabilities and developmental delays. ECSS provides support to families through educating and providing developmental services to help their children reach their full potential beginning with screenings and evaluations that helps to identify services needed which may include;

Speech-Language Pathologists provide direct therapy to children who cannot produce speech sounds or cannot produce them clearly. Children who have experienced damage to the brain due to alcohol/drug abuse, birth defects, or other qualifying medical conditions are also serviced.

Occumational Therapists assist children to improve basic motor funcions. For infants and toddlers therapy may include help with the use of their hands, assistance with skills for listening and following directions and social play skills. In a school setting the Occupational Therapist evaluates a child's abilities, recommends and provides therapy and helps the child participate in as many school activities as possible.

Early Intervention Specialist provides guidance and support to families with concerns about their children's development. Offer developmental screenings, monitor and track children's development and process referrals/evaluations for Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP). Early Intervention Specialists also provide education on parent training.

Early Childhood Special Services Administrative Staff coordinate services appropriate for each child in accordance with Federal/Stat Law, Tribal/State agencies.

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